Reason to Believe (Daily Prompt)




I thought I knew how to blog when I started blogging, but no I didn’t.

I thought by becoming a blogger I would have followers instantly, but it’s more than that.

I thought blogging was all about making a post, but it’s more than that.

I thought each post will attract many likes, but on Day 1 I had 1.

I thought I would have so much time for other things, but blogging needs time

I have a different song after joining blogging 101.

I have a beautiful site, and now I can do a lot.

I have followers, and I myself am a follower.

I post, reply to comments, and then visit other blogs.

I have had many likes, at least it’s now more than 1.

I do other things, but I have time to blog.

My new status gives me a reason to believe that I will grow.

Daily Prompt (Blogging 101)