Don’t sting the most stunning girl from heaven:

Her lightface is like gold but not stone-cold:

Eyes shine like stars, stars like eyes of the sun;

Bold smiles are her styles: virtue to behold.

This is the girl, down-to-earth on this earth:

Her embrace gives life; life gives her a face;

She likes childbirth, a virtue worth her worth:

Matchless grace, not found in a marketplace;

Human, one a human calls a woman,

Mum, yes a mum, even without a child,

For in her pain, she’s still sane and human;

In her heart, she’s a sweetheart to a child;

Don’t sting her, sing for her and marry her,

She’s humane, again a stunning creature.

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All rights reserved.

Daily Prompt: Stat Connection


Our posts are like the goods in a marketplace

Which a seller displays beautifully to attract buyers,

And sometimes makes a promotional move

Or does something extra to attract them.

There are times when our posts are successful

And there are times when they aren’t.

The difference between them comes with a great challenge:

Post a good content because that’s the food of the day-

A hungry man is an angry man

And that may cost you a like or a comment.

Post when the peak is high

Because time is the only thing we share in common

Yet we spend it differently.

Post and act like the seller of goods:

Do something extra by visiting other blogs

Because that’s where the buyers of your post are.

Read a post, share it, like it or make a comment

Because that’s how you interact with a buyer for your post.

They will come looking for you

Because there’s love in supporting one another.

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.

This post is in response to the daily prompt: Stat Connection