Love Talk Of The Week: Choosing A Partner-The Mindset Of Your Future Partner.




The mindset of your future partner

You won’t know the mindset of your future partner if you don’t spend time together.

Conversation is the key in this section. You must talk about everything. Talk about your goals, your plans, your daily troubles, and how much you care for each other.

Check for one’s honesty if you can, temperaments, and how one interacts with one’s family and with yours too.

The aim of doing this is to know if you have the same personalities. Having the same personalities will enable you to be doing things with one accord.

You need to really agree in order to carry your relationship forward smoothly.


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LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing Your Partner


Ein junges Paar im Bett hat Probleme und Krise. Scheidung und Trennung.


I will like to continue with the second 10-point check for your choice. Wait for my upcoming book if you want to know more about where I stopped last week: Be careful when you do this because we have two sets of people in a dating game: the good guys and the bad guys.

2. The time factor

No one wants to invest time in anything that is worthless.

What that means is that anyone who does not appreciate you from the onset will not want to be there for you.

Don’t let the excuse “I am busy” fool you.

Taking the decision to start a relationship is also taking the decision to spend time with someone special. So don’t laugh when your prospective partner does not keep appointments with you because it may mean one thing: you are not special.

Solve the time issue first before you make your big decision. Don’t start a relationship with anyone who will not have time for you.


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