LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing Your Partner


Ein junges Paar im Bett hat Probleme und Krise. Scheidung und Trennung.


I will like to continue with the second 10-point check for your choice. Wait for my upcoming book if you want to know more about where I stopped last week: Be careful when you do this because we have two sets of people in a dating game: the good guys and the bad guys.

2. The time factor

No one wants to invest time in anything that is worthless.

What that means is that anyone who does not appreciate you from the onset will not want to be there for you.

Don’t let the excuse “I am busy” fool you.

Taking the decision to start a relationship is also taking the decision to spend time with someone special. So don’t laugh when your prospective partner does not keep appointments with you because it may mean one thing: you are not special.

Solve the time issue first before you make your big decision. Don’t start a relationship with anyone who will not have time for you.


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Daily Prompt: This is your song.






The song I chose is “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge.


There’s a verse that I cherish so much because it’s powerful and insightful.


“Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else. He’d trade the world for a good thing he’s found.”


Love can make you focus on only one person

Love can make you stop searching for happiness else where

Love can make you feel good because you have found all the good things in just one person

Love can make you see only the good in your loved one

Love can make you forgive all wrongs

Love can make you respect your loved one

Love can make you make sacrifices to keep your loved one happy

Love can make you give all that you have to your loved one


Hold on to your precious love because Life is Good when you love the right person.


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This post is in response to the daily prompt: This is your song

Interaction (Romance)




You may like to talk to your partner but your manner of expression and the content of what you say matter a lot.

Your ability to be romantic to your partner in terms of your tone and gestures make positive impacts, which have the effect of stringing them towards you. In other words, using a gentle voice, infectious eye-contacts, and tender strokes can help direct the attention of your partner and make them react in a way beneficial to you.

Give your partner a unique name if you can because how you call and approach them can either put them in a relaxing or tensed mood, depending on how you go about it.

The idea is for both of you to fall in love with each other and become inseparable because only on that platform you can see yourselves as one, and be more inclined to making amends rather than calling it quits in times of disagreements.


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My community post “Write Anything Wednesday”, organised by Writerishramblings

She loved them but couldn’t date any of them (Short Story)

Jane, Steve, and Simon, were friends since childhood.

They were so close that they ended up studying the same course in the same university.

Jane liked Steve and Simon very much, and she suddenly realized that she was interested in both of them.

Steve and Simon also wanted her as much as she wanted them, but the truth was that each of them was afraid of what the outcome would be since they were like a brother to her.

One day, Jane introduced Stephan to Steve and Simon as her new boyfriend. But the truth was that she did not like Stephan as much as she liked them.

If you were Steve or Simon, what would you have done before she had a boyfriend?

And if you were Jane, what would you have done before you chose to take Stephan as your boyfriend?


I welcome your opinions. Thank you.


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How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Part 1)




How you interact with your partner can determine how happy or sad both of you are going to be. Wrong interactions between a couple can make them doubt the purpose of their union and if they ever liked each other before they came together.

What do you say to your spouse daily? Continue reading




The problems you and your partner have would remain unresolved when you have done wrong and have refused to apologize.

This kind of behaviour causes friction in your relationship, and the consequence is detrimental to the growth of your union.

Small insignificant things matter.

For a healthy relationship, ensure that you take responsibilities for your actions and apologize in good time.

Don’t keep doing what you are sorry for.




Some beautiful ones don’t like stain

Tolu liked to associate with good-looking people. He would never consider friendship with anyone whose looks did not appeal to him. He would move around town with his friends to let everyone know that he had lovely people around him. His definition of ugly was ugly, and that heightened his pomposity and his overzealousness in his inclination to love only those that looked lovely.

One day, he went on a jaunt to the woods, with ten of his friends. He was so drunk that he did not see the small muddy pond, hidden beside a brush, and in the next moment he ended up inside.

“Help me,” he cried out. Only his head and hands were visible, and they were completely soiled with mud.

His friends squirmed backwards in anxiety, confused of what to do.

“Help me, please,” he continued, but none of them was ready to make the first move.

“Try and stay afloat while I go call for help,” one of them said. “It’s a dirty pond and we don’t want to get stained.”

“Help me, I’m dying!”

The young man that responded to the call was dazed as he heard the clamour of the voices of the nine people standing by the pond.

“I thought you needed help,” he said to Tolu, “but now I can see that you don’t. If ten people cannot help you, what can one person do? I’m sorry.” He turned and sauntered away.

Tolu’s eyes widened in pain as it dawned on him that he had substituted inward worth for fine outward appearances.


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