Daily Prompt: Companion



There are many with millions of companions, but still alone, waiting for who will remove their fake cheerful mask.

Be your own companion and find that happiness in yourself, because only then you can see that one companion.


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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Companion

Love Talk Of The Week: Choosing A Partner-The Mindset Of Your Future Partner.




The mindset of your future partner

You won’t know the mindset of your future partner if you don’t spend time together.

Conversation is the key in this section. You must talk about everything. Talk about your goals, your plans, your daily troubles, and how much you care for each other.

Check for one’s honesty if you can, temperaments, and how one interacts with one’s family and with yours too.

The aim of doing this is to know if you have the same personalities. Having the same personalities will enable you to be doing things with one accord.

You need to really agree in order to carry your relationship forward smoothly.


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Love Talk of The Week: Choosing A partner

The two-way chemistry

The instant chemistry you feel for your prospective spouse on your first date, or at the first time you meet, does not give an assurance that he or she feels the same for you.

You will make a mistake by concluding that your prospective spouse is attracted to you simply because you are attracted to him or her.

You know yourself, and you are sure of what you feel inside, but you need some time to be sure of what your prospective spouse feels. So, be observant as you string yourselves along.

Relationship or marriage is about two people, not about one person.

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Daily Prompt Of The Day: Abandoned



You might be abandoned, but never abandon yourself.

In your shattered hopes and dreams, hold on to yourself;

For you haven’t lost anything until you’ve lost yourself.


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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Abandoned

LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing A Partner




The equality issue

Love is better served when two people play it with a mindset that they are equal, not when one thinks that the other is a servant.

Studies have shown that a master-servant relationship is not the best route to happiness.

You cannot give your best in a relationship where you think you are the master (Main Character) and your partner is the servant.

More so, you cannot feel fulfilled in a relationship when you think you are being used as a servant because you will feel used.

Never start a relationship with anyone who believes he or she is doing you a favour by opting to date you.


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