Your actions toward your partner



What you do towards your partner has the tendency to either uplift or tamp them down more than what others do to them.

You cannot be with someone and expect not to affect them in anyway, or expect other’s actions to impact them more than yours do.

The question is: How do you want to affect your partner?

The fact that your partner has given you their hearts by choosing to be with you means that they will be very hurt or highly encouraged when you make them feel worthless or something meaningful, respectively.

My advice is: Make them feel meaningful because it will only pay you, no matter how you look at it.


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The stranger on the phone Part 1 (Short Story)

Tricia met Jack on the plane she boarded to Turkey. She sat next to him, and she didn’t hesitate to give him her telephone number at his request. She enjoyed talking to him and wanted to see him again.

“Can we talk today at 9 pm your time?”

She received the message two days after she arrived in Turkey.

She looked at the name with smiles on her face. She replied instantly in a message, consenting to his request. “I like you, Jack,” she whispered to herself. She could hear the pounding of her heart and the blood flowing in her veins. Why 9 pm? she thought, itching to hear his voice, that voice that almost made her grow wings if only she could fly, soar high in his presence. She had never felt for any man what she had felt for him when she first saw him, and she hoped to see him again before the date she had scheduled for her return to the States. She liked handsome men, and Jack was the perfect definition of whatever that meant to her.

Her phone rang at exactly 9 pm. She was lying tirelessly in bed, waiting to speak with him, itching to know why he wanted to speak with her, or why he had even asked for her number. Her hands were shaking as she held the phone close to her right ear.

“Hello Tricia,” a soft voice came up.

“Hi Jack.”

“Can you see me?”

“It’s not a video call.”

“I can see you.”

She felt a cold chill run down her spine as she wondered what he was talking about, and in confusion glanced at her phone and sat upright with a tinge of fear.

“Did you mean you could see me on your phone?”

“No, I’m standing next to you.”

She flinched backwards unconsciously, screwing her eyes everywhere in the room. Tensed and shaky, she cut the line.

“Don’t be afraid my princess.”

She ran towards the door, and for a moment she forgot it was locked as she tried to force it open. His voice was soft but clear.

“I don’t mean any harm, Tricia.”

“Who are you?” she asked, utterly terrified.

“I’m Jack, the man you met on the plane.”

She banged the door with her hands, shouting for help. Two men Thomas and Henry swiftly came to her rescue, standing by the door on the long quiet corridor.

“Can you open the door?” Thomas asked.

She clicked the key and wrenched the knob as fast as she could, and she rushed out, taking refuge behind them.

“There’s a ghost in my room,” she panted.

Both men looked speechlessly at each other, and walked in with care. She followed them looking behind.  The men searched everywhere, but they did not find anyone.

“There’s no one here, Madam,” Henry said.

“There was someone. I heard his voice.”

“Well, we didn’t find anyone. Do you want us to do anything else for you, madam?”

“Could you wait for a moment? I have to get my belongings.”

“Go ahead, madam. We’re here.”



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Sharing Your Problems and Listening to Your Partner





Your personal problems are a part of you, and you have the choice to share them with your partner or keep them to yourself. The truth about keeping them to yourself when you have a partner is that both of you are not close, and that may tell a lot about how happy you are in your relationship.


Sharing can only come about between two or more people who are willing to share; you can’t force it. But what are partners for? Relationship is about two people, and these two people must be able to carry each other along before they can be on the same page and be able to nurture their union in a way that encourages intimacy.


Sharing your problems with someone you love can make you feel good if they listen, empathize with you whether good or bad, and help proffer solutions when needed.


Shutting down your partner or cleverly changing their topic of discussion may look little and simple, but it is as damaging to your relationship as it is hurtful to their feelings.


Listening to whatever your partner has to say before speaking is a good attitude for the growth of your relationship because it will give them the impression that you love, respect, and appreciate them.


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Romantic couple drinking tea in front of lit fireplace


Making a cup of tea for one’s partner.


A small, caring gesture.


This is just one of a number of little acts of kindness that can help a relationship thrive.

According to the OnePlusOne charity, such small acts “demonstrate commitment, improve communication, show we care, achieve compromise and even resolve conflicts”.

All that just from giving someone a cup of tea they probably didn’t want in the first place?

What if you hate each other? Wouldn’t it just be annoying?


The idea is to prevent the problems that lead to marital breakdown by keeping your partnership strong.


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Interaction (Romance)




You may like to talk to your partner but your manner of expression and the content of what you say matter a lot.

Your ability to be romantic to your partner in terms of your tone and gestures make positive impacts, which have the effect of stringing them towards you. In other words, using a gentle voice, infectious eye-contacts, and tender strokes can help direct the attention of your partner and make them react in a way beneficial to you.

Give your partner a unique name if you can because how you call and approach them can either put them in a relaxing or tensed mood, depending on how you go about it.

The idea is for both of you to fall in love with each other and become inseparable because only on that platform you can see yourselves as one, and be more inclined to making amends rather than calling it quits in times of disagreements.


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How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Final Part)



To interact effectively, you must first do the following:


Respect means having a high opinion of your partner, or making the person feel valued. It does not mean making them feel stupid around you. It does not mean making them feel the need to change who they are, or the need to become who you want them to be.

Respect has to be about who the person is, not who you wish they were. Your idea about them can affect the way you feel about them. And how you feel about someone can affect how you speak to them, or how you treat them.

The tone of your voice and your choice of words constitute the differences between respect and disrespect. You cannot tell someone to get lost and still claim that you have respect for them. You cannot yell at them and still have the same view that you respect them.

Your ability to attract your partner towards you after every conversation without having to apologize to them for anything is a good indication that you are respectful.


Stay tuned for the next post on interaction.


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How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Part 2)


To interact with your spouse effectively, you must first do the followings:


Acceptance is your willingness to take that person for who they are, and what they are able to do because you know who they truly are. This is like knowing that the person is unique and that their deeds are like an expression of how unique they are. With such an idea, you will find them and all that they do very interesting, since you will not find fault in their actions.


Trust is the assurance you have that your partner is who you think he or she really is. It is not who you think they are going to be in the future. Trust balances your mind on a flat base, where you think that your partner will behave in a particular way especially in a way that will make you feel safe and proud, no matter the situation the person is in.



To be continued…


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How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Part 1)




How you interact with your partner can determine how happy or sad both of you are going to be. Wrong interactions between a couple can make them doubt the purpose of their union and if they ever liked each other before they came together.

What do you say to your spouse daily? Continue reading