LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing A Partner




The equality issue

Love is better served when two people play it with a mindset that they are equal, not when one thinks that the other is a servant.

Studies have shown that a master-servant relationship is not the best route to happiness.

You cannot give your best in a relationship where you think you are the master (Main Character) and your partner is the servant.

More so, you cannot feel fulfilled in a relationship when you think you are being used as a servant because you will feel used.

Never start a relationship with anyone who believes he or she is doing you a favour by opting to date you.


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Daily Prompt: Friend


Call me a friend

If you haven’t felt bored with me;

If I’m always there for you;

If I am loyal to you;

If my presence makes you happy;

If I don’t shut you up but listen when you talk;

               If I respect you for who you are;

If I don’t take advantage of your friendship to me;

If I am hurt when you’re hurt

And happy when you’re happy;

If I lift you up when you are down;

If I don’t charge you for my time

Or for being there for you.

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Friend