When are you really in Love?


You are really in love when you suddenly realize that you and your partner are one. In such a mood, you will not want to hurt that person. Doing that is like doing that to yourself. You will want to share your best food with that person, since you will have the feeling that their fulfillment is yours as well. All you think about when you are in love is how to make that person happy. It is the only way you will be happy too, since both of you are the same. It is this feeling of being that person that makes you want to spend the rest of your life with them because you seem completely inseparable. You seem hooked.

4 responses to “When are you really in Love?

  1. Hmm… I think it is important to realise that we can’t really make anyone happy…that we are not responsible for anyone’s happiness except our own. What happens when we think that we want to make someone happy, is that unconsciously we ourselves expect the other person to make us happy in return, which frankly speaking, is a tall order and impossible. Obsession or any kind of need of fulfillment can hardly be called love… romance, sure… But yes, when we realise that all of us are one, that is love. Whether it be a partner, parent or friend. We can have and play different roles, but it’s the same love for all. We just need to feel it within us and in the universe.

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  2. Yes, we cannot make someone happy in the same measure that the person made us happy. Sometimes lust makes us think we are in love when we are only fond of someone. But when we realise that we are one, we have to try and feel loved and try to make others do as well. Thank you for your comment. I really liked your views.

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  3. Great blog and loved your posts.There are very few people who realise the “oneness” or that your spouse’s feeling is completely intertwined with yours and seeing them happy is as good as your happiness. I like that your blog is all about love ❤ I also intend to write blogs which give a positive spin to relationships and marriage and spread out the word that happily ever afters are not as hard and unattainable as they say 🙂

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