Don’t sting the most stunning girl from heaven:

Her lightface is like gold but not stone-cold:

Eyes shine like stars, stars like eyes of the sun;

Bold smiles are her styles: virtue to behold.

This is the girl, down-to-earth on this earth:

Her embrace gives life; life gives her a face;

She likes childbirth, a virtue worth her worth:

Matchless grace, not found in a marketplace;

Human, one a human calls a woman,

Mum, yes a mum, even without a child,

For in her pain, she’s still sane and human;

In her heart, she’s a sweetheart to a child;

Don’t sting her, sing for her and marry her,

She’s humane, again a stunning creature.

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.

It’s Friday, Let’s Go Dancing Tonight!


It’s Friday, let’s go dancing tonight!

We aren’t going for a fight or getting a bite.

There’s time for everything that’s right

And it’s going to be to our delight.

It’s time to swing,

Add zing to that thing that kills your ageing.

Relax from the daily hustling and bustling

And let’s go dancing.

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.