Reason to Believe (Daily Prompt)




I thought I knew how to blog when I started blogging, but no I didn’t.

I thought by becoming a blogger I would have followers instantly, but it’s more than that.

I thought blogging was all about making a post, but it’s more than that.

I thought each post will attract many likes, but on Day 1 I had 1.

I thought I would have so much time for other things, but blogging needs time

I have a different song after joining blogging 101.

I have a beautiful site, and now I can do a lot.

I have followers, and I myself am a follower.

I post, reply to comments, and then visit other blogs.

I have had many likes, at least it’s now more than 1.

I do other things, but I have time to blog.

My new status gives me a reason to believe that I will grow.

Daily Prompt (Blogging 101)

Reason to Believe (Daily Prompt, Blogging 101)




A chat with the devil.

His face awfully cheerful:

Eyes like that of an angel;

Words give lull.

Even as a devil,

He isn’t boastful

But there for a battle;

His hurt, very brutal.

To fight with the devil,

Hold onto thy bible,

Start with the gospel,

Be graceful and cheerful,

Sing as if in a chapel,

In love with God, not with an idol.

Have faith like an apostle

And you will conquer in battle.

Copyright © 2016 by P. A. Owala

All rights reserved.




Don’t overlook the influence of pride in your relationship.

Pride fortifies the idea that makes you feel that your partner does not deserve an apology from you, perhaps because of your status or influence in your relationship.

Take charge of your pride and do not let it control you if you really want to take responsibilities for your actions and make amends. It prevents you from adopting simple things which can help resolve simple problems in your home.

I have seen cases where spouses detest being the first to apologize to their other halves over slight arguments because of the fear of being seen as the weak ones.

There are also cases of spouses who refused to apologize for their wrongs to prove that their actions were right, or to play hard-to-get to their partners.

One thing should be clear: Relationship or Marriage is not a game of two people who did clever things individually to win, but a union of two people who did things together as if they were one.

Treat your partner the way you will want anyone to treat you, and you will know exactly what to do when you have issues in your home.